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Paris, France

23 Oct

So I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I shopped a lot and had a fantastic weekend over there. Fall in Paris.

























24 Sep

Hey guys! Much to tell you!

1.I’m really busy lately with school and job and everything. I just applied for a new job actually (I must be crazy). I waiting for an answer, so everytime I get a mail, I’m like iiiiiiiiiihhh!!! and then it’s just my mother or a stupid commercial…. -.-

I would just really like to get this job!


2. I’m going to Paris here on thursday, were exciting, I’m looking were much forward to it! Hopefully new clothes and good food. Les Croissants et l’espresso avec lait et sucre, mmmmh…
Anyway It’s gonna be great, it’s just a weekend though, but a little Paris better than no Paris.

I’ll take lots of pictures for you guys!

3. I bought a lovely pair of shoes yesterday, but they were NOT cheap… and then I just ordered clothes (on sale) from Nelly.com, my money is basically gone. But on friday I’ll get my payment from my job, and I seriously need it!

This is my amazing shoes:


They are great because I get a higher because of the plateau and then they are amazing to wear not hurting or anything. There from Vagabond, and are called vagabond gaga I think, you can purchase them on miinto.dk




Garage photoshoot: Bornholm

29 Aug

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been writing so much, I just have very much going on lately, I just started high school, and my new class are all very sweet! ;D And then my new job also takes a lot of my time along with homework and friends. 😉

So in my holidays, my friend and I took some pictures. Ready to see:












What I’m wearing:

H&M pants, zipper in the left side.
Vintage top from NYC.
Jeffrey Campell foxy shoes.
Mulberry bag.


Watch ASOS

3 Aug

So yesterday I just ordered a watch from ASOS.com cause I really need a watch! So I’m looking forward to getting it, though it will first be here at the 13 of August… I showed you the watch in one of my posts, it’s this one: http://www.asos.com/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2082816

Yesterday was a very great day I spent it with my friend shopping, I got a pair of sunglasses for only 60 danish kroner (8,06 euro, 6,34 british pound, 9,85 dollars) Now there’s not long before I leave for Bornholm with my friend, I’ll probably not be able to write so much while I’m there, there’s no internet, but I’ll try figuring something out! ;D


Christian Louboutin

12 Jul
Christian Louboutin

Christian louboutin boots

Christian louboutin pumps

The view from our house

7 Jul

The view from our house/ my terrace and our pool ;p



5 Jul

Hey guys! I’m going to France tomorrow on vacation. My father have lent a house with swimming pool. Delicious! I don’t know if there’s internet service, there yet? So I may not be able to post.. ;(

I’m leaving tomorrow at 11.00 am.



4 Jul

Hey! Over the past months I have been searching for a job. Yesterday I was to a job interview at a store where they sell baby things. And I GOT THE JOB!!! ;D I so happy, finally I have a job! The 25 th of July I start. Because on friday I am going to France with my dad, his wife, my brothers and my dad’s wife’s daughter and her boyfriend.. I know complicated..;p Anyway I start after I’m home from France.

I hope I’ll still be able to post when I’m in France, there might by internet, but I’m not sure.. ;o



1 Jul
Today I have been out shopping with my friend, and I bought shoes, I have been looking at these shoes for months and now I finally bought them! ❤ I love them I’m so happy, hihi.. They are my babies!!
Here’s a picture:
They were a bit expensive a least for me they where, they cost 800 danish kr, which is 142,16 dollars.
We saw a shop selling strawberries and raspberries so we of course went in to buy some, so I made strawberries with chocolate today, mmmh.. ;p
Looking forward to eat those!
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