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Garage photoshoot: Bornholm

29 Aug

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been writing so much, I just have very much going on lately, I just started high school, and my new class are all very sweet! ;D And then my new job also takes a lot of my time along with homework and friends. 😉

So in my holidays, my friend and I took some pictures. Ready to see:












What I’m wearing:

H&M pants, zipper in the left side.
Vintage top from NYC.
Jeffrey Campell foxy shoes.
Mulberry bag.



Bornholm – Vacation

12 Aug

I came home from Bornholm an Island near Denmark, this friday here’s some pictures:











26 Jul

Here comes some of my pictures from my vacation in south france.


Our pool 😉

My lovely little brother Marcus, he’s in a wheelchair

Vence, France

Vence, France

Vence, France

Melon and ham, my starter

my window in my room, right beside my bed;)

We had a cook come at make food for us at our house, this was starter



We were at a café in Nice, and got breakfast. Three baby croissants

We were at a restaurant located at the beach



8 Jul


All is well here in France, I’m going out to dinner with my family in a couple of hours ;D

Not much is happening, I got even more sunburned than yesterday -.-  I’ll post some pictures when it is possible..

I’m in reading a book called Little Women, you might know it. It’s also a movie from 1994 ;D It’s very good, though it’s not that easy to read, it takes time. I’ll write ASAP..


France, Vence

7 Jul

Hey guys!

Yesterday we landed in Nice airport, the weather is amazing! Very warm of course!;D

But though everything seemed perfect. We had rented a house, but when we came to see it, there was no electricity, no light, no refrigerator, nothing.. I slept with a torch.. This morning we moved to another house with electricity, and everything is great. Though we have to move back when the house is ready again.

The reason there was no electricity, is because some idiot had driven into an electricity box, which has now caused the house we were supposed to live in and the road it was on, no electricity.. This idiot( I’m apologizing for my language) might have been drunk, I think.

So I just got internet now, I’ll try writing as much a possible ;D



5 Jul

Hey guys! I’m going to France tomorrow on vacation. My father have lent a house with swimming pool. Delicious! I don’t know if there’s internet service, there yet? So I may not be able to post.. ;(

I’m leaving tomorrow at 11.00 am.



1 Jul

New York City!!!!

I have just been on a lovely trip to New York! For the first time 🙂

I went there with my dad, his wife and his wife’s daughter who is 18 🙂

We went into a lot of American Apparels! 🙂
I bought a pair of pants, shorts and a top from American Apparel 😉

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