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5 Jul

Hey guys! I’m going to France tomorrow on vacation. My father have lent a house with swimming pool. Delicious! I don’t know if there’s internet service, there yet? So I may not be able to post.. ;(

I’m leaving tomorrow at 11.00 am.



Getting a latte

2 Jul

I was out with my friend and got a latte.. 😉

My outfit:)


Doesn’t fit

2 Jul

My dog has grown, he doesn’t fit his basket anymore … ! 




1 Jul
Today I have been out shopping with my friend, and I bought shoes, I have been looking at these shoes for months and now I finally bought them! ❤ I love them I’m so happy, hihi.. They are my babies!!
Here’s a picture:
They were a bit expensive a least for me they where, they cost 800 danish kr, which is 142,16 dollars.
We saw a shop selling strawberries and raspberries so we of course went in to buy some, so I made strawberries with chocolate today, mmmh.. ;p
Looking forward to eat those!

When is there meaning? What is meaning?

1 Jul

I was just walking with my dog when I began to think about the meaning with things or conversations. I have many times heard people say they didn’t want to end up like some rich suburban snob.. because well like you hear it in the movies the don’t discuss real important stuff or should I say things with meaning?

I myself would have no problem in ending as a rich snob who might go out with her friends to discuss who in our lives have been married to another or who have got a nose job. To discuss all those stuff that some people would call (overfladiske) well.. I was just wondering if to say that what the rich snobs, might have discussed were not of meaning, then what is? In there life it is the meaning, while in others lives it could be who went in to rehab this time, you know.

Well I don’t exactly know what I’m saying but I’m actually kind of pissed.. that I don’t know what I would define as a meaning? When do you think a conversation about.. well anything is meaningful? Of course we could agree on that when to people in love are getting engaged it’s a meaningful moment.. but that doesn’t happen everyday now does it? I just think that meaningful conversations doesn’t happen that very often, don’t misunderstand me of course the are there.

I just keep thinking about one of my friends who keeps loading of crap about not talking about unimportant stuff and I can’t stop thinking that if we didn’t discuss unimportant stuff when would we knew what actually was important? And if she were to try and only discuss important stuff I don’t think she would get to talk a lot…

Think about it 🙂


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